Servicing your car is important for maintaining the quality of your vehicle and your safety. While most people remember to have their oil changed and their brakes periodically inspected, we often forget to have other vital components checked, like the brake fluid or the fuel injectors. When servicing the brake system, most auto technicians will perform a brake inspection, checking for friction wear, abnormal wear patterns, loose or missing hardware, corrosion, and excessively worn or damaged rotors, but may overlook the blood of the brake system: the brake fluid. Servicing your car is important for maintaining the quality of your vehicle and your safety.

In order to maintain a safe operating brake system, automotive manufactures commonly recommend having your brakes checked annually, and replacing the brake fluid every 2 years. Corrosion inhibitors are a component of brake fluid and help to protect the inside of the brake system. Certain brake fluids are also hygroscopic, meaning they absorb up to 2% moisture each year. Over time, this moisture degrades these inhibitors, resulting in reduced corrosion protection. In fact, 91% of corrosion inhibitors may be lost within three years, resulting in corroded parts and failed brake system components. Brake calipers, piston, and anti-lock brake system component damage can also arise from corrosion.

Many car owners may not know when certain mechanical services are needed, without a trusted auto technician taking the time to provide your vehicle with the full service it needs.
Don’t forget, in addition to having your brake fluid checked, you should also

  • Have your tires rotated every 6,000-8,000 miles
  • Have your brakes inspected when you have your tires rotated
  • Make sure your oil filter is changed with your oil
  • Make sure your fuel injection system is clean

By making sure your vehicle is properly serviced, you can save on costly repairs that can arise down the road—while also decreasing the likelihood you’ll be standing on the side of the road. Finding a caring, knowledgeable, reliable auto technician makes all the difference when it comes to protecting your automobile, saving you money, and keeping you safe.

Mighty Auto Parts wants you to take having your car serviced seriously. That’s why we partner with over 12,000 trusted repair facilities across the country to provide the best car service and support to keep you and your car in good shape.

Neglecting your car’s service needs can result in costly repairs and a shorter life for your vehicle, but finding auto technicians with the knowledge and care to efficiently service your car can easily avert this.

To ensure your vehicle is well maintained, be sure to check out our Franchise Locator and know that we are ready to provide locations you can get the best quality service in your area, for you and your vehicle.