Summer is officially on its way in. Schools are letting out, vacations are set, holidays are being celebrated, and travelers are hitting America’s highways and byways in their cars and RV’s. But summer also means heat, and depending on geographic locations, treks through and to many U.S. destinations will involve extreme summertime temperatures. Don’t get stuck on the road with a malfunctioning air conditioner!

Mighty Auto Parts, an honored American company serving the multi-billion dollar automotive aftermarket for more than fifty years, wants American motorists to stay safe and cool during this season of fun in the scorching sun. To ensure optimized operability that will keep occupants comfortable during the long days of summer, Mighty Auto Parts recommends that drivers have their car’s HVAC systems inspected annually by a trained service technician. During this service, a professional technician should:

  • Check cabin air filter to ensure proper air flow
  • Check the compressor drive belt for tension, cracks and damage
  • Check pressures to test operation, refrigerant charge, and outlet temperatures
  • Perform a leak inspection of hoses, lines, seals and other components
  • Perform a leak test to find the source when refrigerant levels are low
  • Check for refrigerant cross-contamination

Mighty Auto Parts, considered “Partners to the Automotive Professional”, partners with more than 25,000 repair facilities, and serves the professional automotive repair market with select, high-quality products and superior customer support services. Headquartered in Norcross, Georgia and supporting 107 distributors in 45 states and four international markets, it’s Mighty’s business to keeping cars driving safely down the road.